Dr. Maha Aljuhani

Fellowship Dates: 

01 November 2021

MIT Department/Faculty Supervisor(s): 

Zach Smith


Dr. Aljuhani received her Bachelor’s degree from Taiba University in 2014. Her thesis was on antioxidants separation. In 2016 she received her Master’s degree from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology with two publications on atomically-precise metal nano-clusters synthesis under supervision of Prof.Osman Bakr. In 2019 she was awarded a PhD degree, with five publications in highly renown journals focused on catalyst by design using surface organometallic chemistry. Her PhD research was performed under the supervision of Prof Jean-Marie Basset. Dr. Aljuhani is currently pursing postdoctoral research at MIT under the supervision of Prof. Zachary Smith. Her research is on mixed matrix membrane synthesis. Besides science, Maha is passionate about art, horse riding and adventure.

Dr Maha’s PhD research filmed by Jove: https://www.jove.com/author/Maha+A._Aljuhani#

MIT Fellowship Research Abstract: 

Dr. Aljuhani’s current research is in PIM membranes for gas separation and mixed matrix membranes for water purification.

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Professional Affiliations: 

Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)

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