Fellows Present at First Annual Workshop of the Ibn Khaldun Fellowship for Saudi Arabian Women

October 15, 2014

Ibn Khaldun Fellows presented on their research at MIT at the first annual workshop of the MIT Ibn Khaldun Fellowship for Saudi Women.  Open to the whole MIT community and was well attended.  Below please find the agenda and links to the fellows' research presentations where available.

Molecular and Bioinformatic Analysis of Host-Parasite Interactions Using Marine Phages as Model System

Dr. Sana Al Attas

Layered BiMnO3 Oxide Hetrostructure for Solar Cells Applications           

Dr. Wajood Diery

Tracing the Cultural Politics of Contemporary Architecture in the Gulf

Dr. Sumayah Al Solaiman

Real-time Observation of Electrochemical Processes at the Nanoscale

Dr. Jwaher Al Ghamdi

Optimizing a Sustainable Desalination System in Saudi Arabia: A Comparison Between PV-RO and CSP-MED Cogeneration Plants

Dr. Noura Mansouri

Water Desalination Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization

Dr. Malak Al Nory