Dr. Dana Al-Sulaiman's Webinar: Detection of microRNA biomarkers

Please join us for Dr. Dana Al-Sulaiman's webinar, "Microfluidics and hydrogel-based platforms for multiplexed detection of microRNA biomarkers: tools to enable earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment of cancer."

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 1pm EST (Boston) 8pm AST (KSA)

In this webinar, Dr Al-Sulaiman will highlight the research conducted during her IBK fellowship, lying at the intersection between microtechnologies and polymeric biomaterials applied to both translational and fundamental research. The talk will first explore the design and validation of a portable platform for multiplex detection of microRNA cancer biomarkers from ‘liquid biopsy’ samples. Projection lithography was exploited to polymerize hydrogel sensing motifs within durable fibrous substrates, producing a platform which can be used for non-invasive cancer diagnosis at the point-of-care. The talk will then introduce developments in a microarray-based assay which can quantify tumor heterogeneities in tissue samples in order to inform clinical decision making and provide more personalized therapeutics for cancer patients. Finally, the talk will demonstrate how microfluidics can be used to study complex 2D DNA structures called kinetoplasts at the single-molecule level as models for 2D and catenated polymer systems.

Zoom link: https://mit.zoom.us/j/99289217232

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