Dr. Eman Ageely

Research Area
Southern Illinois University
Fellowship date
September 1, 2021
Chemical Engineering
Daniel Anderson


Dr. Ageely received her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Jazan University. In 2016, she completed her M.S. degree in chemistry and biochemistry from Southern Illinois University. Her M.S. thesis was focused on Fluorescence-based methods for visualization of RNA in living cells. During her Ph.D., she got an assistantship from the department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Southern Illinois University to work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Her Ph.D. research contributes in characterizing and controlling CRISPR via chemical modifying crRNA by using structure-guided approach to modify crRNA. She drew rules for compatible modified crRNA with both spCas9 and Cas12a activities. Her Ph.D. research works resulted in five papers published in Nature Communications, ACS, Nucleic Acid (Biochemistry), ACS Chemical Biology.

Dr. Ageely has received the following honors:

  • Ibn Khaldun Fellowship for Saudi Arabian Women at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • Saudi Arabian Scholarship Program - Ministry of Higher Education & Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM)
  • King Abdullah Scholarship Program - Ministry of Higher Education & Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM)

MIT Fellowship Research Abstract:

Dr. Ageely is working on three projects:

  1. Developing CRISPR RNP delivery using LNPs and that including (Cas9 Cpf1 and prime editor systems).
  2. Engineering a chemically modified pegRNA for prime editor.
  3. Develop barcoding techniques for vivo nanoparticle.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Stanford University
  • McGill University

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