Recommender Information

Thank you for applying for the IBK Fellowship.

The next step is to fill out the form below which will send email requests for recommendation letters to 2 people who know your research well.

We will review your application carefully and follow up with you if we need any additional information.

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The IBK Team

Recommendation Letter Request Directions

Please enter the names, emails, and affiliations of the two individuals writing recommendation letters for you.

Please Note:

1. Only two recommenders are required.

Additional fields are available if you need to delete a recommender due to a typo or because they are not able to provide a recommendation at this time.

2. Bookmark this page to see if recommendation letters are uploaded.

You can come back to this page to check on the status of your recommendation.

Once a recommender uploads their document, you will see "Referral Processed" by their name.

You can also come back to this page to send "reminder" emails to the recommenders.

NOTE: Do not clear your browser cache while waiting to receive recommendation letters. The form relies on cookies to remember who you are/which application recommendations should be attached to.

Please contact if you have any difficulties.

3. After adding the recommender click "send email."

Once you add the recommender's name, email address & affiliation, click "Add Recommender" and verify all the information is correct.

Then click the "send email" button.

Remember to bookmark the page so you can come back and check if your recommendation letter has been submitted.

4. The first step is to re-enter your own name so the recommender knows who requesting the letter.

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