The Fellowship and its participants contribute measurably to scientific, technical, and academic progress and to the Fellowship goal of promoting Saudi women as leaders in their fields. Fellows produce a continual output of journal articles, conference publications, patents and other contributions.

Fellowships by the Numbers

Reporting includes fellows who completed their fellowship during or prior to 2022

63 Journal Articles

Featured publication:

Laqtom, N.N., et al.  CLN3 is required for the clearance of glycero-phosphodiesters from lysosomes. Nature (2022)

Nouf Laqtoum in the lab

50 Conference Proceedings

Featured Conference:

Y. Kim, H. Chen, S. Alghowinem, C. Breazeal, and H.W. Park (2022). Joint Engagement Classification using Video Augmentation Techniques for Multi-person Human-robot Interaction. Proc. of the 22nd International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2023) View publication.

8 Patents

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Featured Impact

Areej in front of palms at Taibah University

IBK fellow, Dr. Areej Alhhazmi, researched legume peptides. The results published in Nature Microbiology show that the peptides could have beneficial uses in treating diseases caused by bacteria as well as for diseases such as sickle cell anemia. Read more.

“I believe that the Ibn Khaldun fellowship program provides the highest impact on Saudi Arabia among all the other activities and collaboration projects with Saudi Arabia. The reason is that the activities of the fellowship are focused on increasing the Saudi human capacity versus the focus on the tangible outputs of the activities.”

— Dr. Malak Al Nory

Publications from Fellowship Research

Journal Papers Published

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Conference Papers Presented

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