Dr. Lamyaa Almehmadi Wins Barbara Stull Award

One of our current fellows, Dr. Lamyaa Almehmadi, recently received the prestigious Barbara Stull Award from the Society for Applied Spectroscopy at the SciX 2023 Conference. This award is given in recognition of researchers who have exemplified exceptional research achievements in the field of spectroscopy.

Almehmadi’s research focuses on advancing “Raman spectroscopy” using on-chip Raman sensors and advanced photonic chip technology. This innovative approach allows her to explore various applications, such as medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical analysis, and forensics. Her work has already been published and is in the process of being patented, demonstrating its potential to address significant challenges. She has developed methods for testing mRNA vaccine stability, created platforms for drug discovery, and improved forensic stain investigation at crime scenes. These solutions have the potential to directly benefit individuals and industries.

Almehmadi’s current work as a postdoc fellow in Professor JJ Hu’s Photonic Materials Research Group is a continuation of her Ph.D. research, driven by a strong passion for creating practical solutions.

She continues to concentrate on the development and application of on-chip Raman sensors in the field of medical diagnostics and beyond. Her achievements at SciX 2023 and her dedication to advancing science for practical use make her a shining example of the positive changes that research can bring. We eagerly anticipate the lasting impact of her work in the years to come.