Dr. Malak Al Nory, First Saudi Woman to Present at the International Desalination Association World Congress

Dr. Malak Al Nory, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Effat University.  She was the first Saudi Arabian woman to present a paper at the International Desalination Association World Congress  in Tianjin, China in 2013. While at MIT, Dr. Al-Nory conducted research with Professor Steve Graves on the supply chain for water in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Al Nory presented the results of this research in her paper "Water Desalination Supply Chain Modelling and Optimization: The Case of Saudi Arabia," by M.T. Al-Nory and S.G. Graves.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Al-Nory for her successful research efforts at MIT.

The IDA is the leading professional society in desalination, and the World Congress the major biennial conference that IDA conducts for leaders in the field.