Video: Dr. Dalal Alezi – MIT Values

In October 2023, Dr. Dalal Alezi spoke at King AbdulAziz University in Jeddah about her experiences and research on water harvesting with metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) during her IBK Postdoctoral Fellowship at MIT.

This clip is about her appreciation for MIT's Values: Excellence & Curiosity, Openness & Respect, and Belonging & Community - exemplified by finding a place dedicated to Muslim prayer in the Hayden Library and in the generosity of MIT's Banana Lounge.


Dr. Dalal Alezi: Professor Kamal talked about MIT, about the ecosystem, the innovation. I want to say something else.

Every day I walked around the campus and I read the MIT values which are excellence and curiosity, openness and respect, belonging and community. I really felt and experienced these values every day. Here I'm just showing a very small example about these values.

I was walking in the Hayden Library, one of the very famous libraries at MIT. And then I saw that they dedicated a place for Muslims to pray during the day. MIT has a building for all the religions so all they can practice their activities, but this is very special because it is inside the academic buildings, inside the library. They have this place for Muslims. It was very great.

And also I'm showing the Bananas Room. The Bananas Room at MIT is very famous. You can have bananas 24 hours all the days. All the MIT Community can get free bananas. Really MIT is an exceptional place to work with.

Photo of MIT Banana Lounge

Photo: Instagram. @mitbananalounge

You can learn more about Dr. Alezi's research on Water Harvesting with Metal-Organic Frameworks in this pdf of her presentation or by reading her publication in the Journal of the American Chemical Society in November, 2023.