Dr. Maryam Alsharqi

Research Area
Cardiovascular disease modeling and digital cardiology
Institute for Medical Engineering and Sciences (IMES)
Fellowship date
January 1, 2024
DPhil in Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Oxford
Elazer Edelman


Dr. Maryam Alsharqi is an Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU). She completed her undergraduate degree at IAU in Cardiac Technology, followed by a master’s degree from Imperial College London in Medical Ultrasound, and earned her DPhil degree from the University of Oxford. Maryam’s DPhil research focused on developing a cardiac remodeling disease progression model using a novel semi-supervised learning tool to assist the management and prevention of hypertension in young adults. 

MIT Fellowship Research Abstract:

Maryam’s research at the Edelman lab will focus on integrating clinical data with cardiovascular mechanistic using computational tools to develop digital models for precise assessment of cardiovascular devices.