Dr. Sarah Almofty

Research Area
Stem Cell Research
Koch Institute
Fellowship date
August 1, 2019
Kumamoto University, Japan
Paula Hammond


Dr. AlMofty has a PhD and MSc Degree in Immunology from the Graduate School of Medical Sciences at Kumamoto University, Japan. Her bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Taif University (Umm Al-Qura University). She has worked at the Institute for Research and Medical Consultation at Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal University since 2016 as a full-time researcher. There she established a Lab of Immunology, published various articles in the field of HIV-1 Infection, stem cell research, cancer biology and nanomedicine.  

MIT Fellowship Research Abstract: 

A diabetic ulcer (DU) is a serious concern that could lead to severe complications. Many dysregulated genes are involved in causing impaired wound healing such as MMP-9 and others which damage essential cell signaling and lead to low levels of growth factors. To improve the wound healing in diabetic patient, I studied the potential role of ADAM proteins family.

The main goal of this work is to succeed in delivering siRNAs by having sustained release and functional released siRNAs. We tested different formulations of formed LbL by delivering siGFP to silencing the fluorescent GFP in transfected HeLa cells. 

My research focused on developing siRNA delivery systems to silence a gene by using electrostatic based layer-by-layer (LbL) polymeric thin films. Those generated films will be applied in vivo to deliver a siRNA after several biochemical characterization and validation. 

Professional Development Activities while at MIT: 

Bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging (2D), September 2019

FACS LSR II HTS, October 2019

The 17th International Nanomedicine and Drug Symposium (NanoDDS’19), September 23-24, 2019 (Attendance only)

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